Welcome to The Faux Wedding Cake Company

Faux wedding cake rental has taken the wedding industry by storm. Fake Cake Toppers are a new concept adding anything from 3 up to 10 tiers to a real tier to give the wow factor.

The future of wedding cakes is now here!

Wedding cakes are the centre of any wedding party, but as we all know the wedding cake is costly.  Imagine the cake of your dreams for a fraction of the cost. With our new concept dreams can and will come true.

We at The Faux Wedding Cake Company discuss size and portions needed for the wedding party and we fake the rest of the cake,   helping you to keep costs towards your day down considerably.  We rent our cake toppers so the newly married couple have no wasted cake and a saving to put towards something else.

Each and everyone of our cakes are iced in top quality royal icing, sugar crafting or beautiful silk flowers. No one will ever know that your cake is ”fake”. What you save on renting our beautiful cake toppers you can put towards almost anything… the dress, the venue, or the perfect honeymoon – the list is endless.

Not everyone needs a 4/5 tier cake with anything up to 400 cake portions. They look impressive but unfortunately the cost is also massive. We can give you the impressive cake at a fraction of the cost.